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In his professional career, Randy has excelled in the areas of sales and management, consistently ranking Nationally in the top 10% of his peers. He has also completed, for various positions, certifications for specialized field training. He has won numerous “achievers” awards, and has lectured and taught his peers in the areas of improved sales, customer service and management techniques. Randy also currently serves on the Board of Directors for The Mid-America Association of Personnel and Staffing Services.

Going through a double lung transplant has given Randy a renewed appreciation of life. Randy's Sales, Training, and Management success, along with how he personally set goals and maintained focus during his transplant experience, will leave you with a feeling of exhilaration.

Randy has been published on several occasions, and interviewed on different television news programs, including being featured on CNN’s Headline news. We invite you to visit Randy’s website at:

“What an inspirational story Randy has to tell! Here is a guy who literally faced a life and death medical situation and refused to fold. Not only did he survive a double lung transplant, he is out playing and competing in basketball! That is the kind of courage that motivates people.” Tom O’Neil, Fox News Anchor

“Randy Sims is an exceptional speaker who gives a lot of information with an important message. He gives a face and personality to real life struggles and the power to overcome them.” Brian Scheller, RN Transplant Coordinator, Mid-America Transplant Services

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